About Us

Where assessment, optimization, and strategic formulation intersect to accomplish your business excellence.

Who We Are?

Diagnosing the odds since 1999, B2LS Consulting is a global consulting corporate that helps change makers make better decisions and face down challenges. B2LS Consulting was established in Egypt to counsel entrepreneurial private sector owners, small and mid-sized companies on a full range of issues relating to marketing solutions and technology transfer.

B2LS Consulting is operating in KSA under the name HOPE Consulting.
Throughout the years, we have partnered with world class consulting firms in different consulting principles in order to provide a range of key services to our own clients.

Our Story

We believe that the world is full of untapped business opportunities that need a team of discoverers who crave knowledge and creative solutions. From ideation to strategy implementation, we consider every detail as a clue to unlocking the odds, achieving the goals, and helping businesses outperform by the power of innovation after several processes of opportunity investigation.

+21 years of experience, we concluded that: some businesses may lack speed, while others may lack direction. With B2LS Consulting, businesses will not have to compensate one of those principles over the other because with our data-driven insights, we diagnose the core problem and implement the right strategies to achieve the right speed in the right direction.

What We Believe

Find out what we do belive in to enhance your organization
Creativity & Innovation

In this fast-moving world, creativity is the key to the innovation engine. We continually observe, listen, and act with impact, using our best practices in the work field. To implement this, we always seek qualified talents, acquiring new challenges, and developing genuine methods by the power of data and the latest business insights.


Our aspirations come from our belief that ethics is the infrastructure of any business relationship. We aspire to maintain a safe and transparent environment that supports, inspires, and respects our colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

Results Oriented

Big investments are not always about how much money do we spend on innovating new methods, it is a full-fledged strategic process that we always adapt and believe in by capturing the big idea of how we could use this investment with the given resources we have in hand and make good use of it to achieve the best results.