Training & Development

B2ls believes that every successful business has a unique competitive advantage which is closely associated with the talents of its workforce. Learning by doing is one of our core values through tested and tried methods in designing tailored business training programs. We offer corporate training programs that aim to refresh talents' skill sets and act as a continual executive development to deliver measurable results with insightful outcomes by the end of each training program.
B2LS Consulting has helped a score of companies achieve business process improvement. Our training and consulting programs drive ongoing process and performance improvement in a broad range of industries. Our highly skilled trainers leverage the latest practical knowledge to support business process improvement. B2LS Consulting has always adopted a participative approach to training programs, convinced that people learn by doing rather than by listening. As such, B2LS's consulting courses involve a significant proportion of workshops, case study programs and simulation exercises. The case study and role play exercises are designed to highlight key teaching points in a controlled environment, ensuring that a wide range of experiences can be illustrated in a relatively short period of time.